September 24, 2009

Underage Drinking

From the other pictures in the stream, this was the wall of his garage. I wonder if he's a corporate drone now or just a cynical old punk.

somewhere in punk rock America
from bullittmcqueen's flickr stream


B.E. Earl said...

Ah, The Lords of the New Church.

They were like the punk supergroup of their day. A friend of mine got spit on by Stiv Bators at one of their shows back in the day. He had just dumped a full beer on Stiv, so I guess he deserved it. :)

downtown guy said...

When I think of Stiv Bators, I think of that John Waters movie Polyester.

leilalatex said...

Reminds me of The Hole In The Wall off of Park and Monroe.
They closed it up. Boo.

downtown guy said...

Good shit always gets closed off.