September 4, 2009

Patriotic Seed Advertising

I wish I had a poster sized copy of this. I love the colors, and it makes me want a salad. In fact, I think I know what I'll have for lunch. I feel so patriotic and tough!

Pamphlet Cover
1940s, Hygrade Seed Company, Inc.
from wackystuff's flickr stream


Ms. Moon said...

I just heard a News From Lake Wobegon about how back when people canned vegetables they grew themselves, the whole entire world was better off.
I don't disagree.
Hey- Remember that shirt I used to have? World Harmony Through Vegetables?
I wish I still had it.

downtown guy said...

Yes, but the world was probably sweatier.

May said...

I like this because it's like DON'T BE A PUSSY! EAT A SALAD! Those carrots look delicious.

downtown guy said...

I think they should bring this campaign back, frankly.