September 29, 2009

old bagpiper

Hell of an instrument, the pipes. You can find variations all over the world. Some folks hate the sound, but it stirs something in me. This fellow looks like he can play like the devil.

Koprivshtitsa, Bulgaria
1971, photographer Alexander Sertev
from Pamoramio


B.E. Earl said...

I live next to a church right on a harbor. And the church has this little spit of land that juts out into the water. Every so often a guy who lives in the neighborhood will stand out there and practice on the bag pipes. He usually picks a foggy day or right around dusk. And the sound can be heard for miles.

One of my favorite sounds in the world.

downtown guy said...

There's a man with a sense of style.

honeyluna said...

I love the bagpipes too. Although that's one instrument that I'm not dying to learn- out of respect for my neighbors and my own eardrums.

downtown guy said...

You start out with something called a chanter - much quieter than the real deal. The problem with learning bagpipes is that there's no silent breaks between notes, the sound just keeps going.