September 23, 2009


I'll admit it, if I didn't think it would make me look like a douche, I would wear a bowler. No mod, I.

German Mod Fanzine
from Mod Culture


B.E. Earl said...

I love hats of all kinds, but I look like a fool in every one of them. Tragic, really. My fitted, silk-lined porkpie sadly goes unworn. And now that I have long hair for the first time in my life, even baseball caps look foolish.

Sigh...I may need to cut my hair this winter. Just for the hats.

downtown guy said...

I have a large, pumpkin-like head, so it's the rare hat that looks okay on me. Scally caps are fine, when I find them large enough. Some baseball caps. Almost nothing else. That doesn't stop me from owning a dozen, at least - usually bought for practical, "I'm out and I need something to cover my shaved head" reasons.

Ms. Moon said...

Remember when we were at the flea market and it was so cold and I bought that hat? Where IS that hat?

downtown guy said...

I think I have a picture of you from that day, but I don't know about the hat.

leilalatex said...

I'm so going to go watch some Avengers right now.
I think I want an Avengers tattoo. I'm thinking a pinup style Emma Peel. Helloooooo nurse!

downtown guy said...

I approve of this idea.