September 19, 2009

Heed the Call

This reminds me of those folks who dress up as superheroes and do things like stop muggers, cut boots off car tires, and prevent drunken women in bars from going home with sleazy guys.

Acrylic on Canvas
2003, artist Aaron Jasinski
from Jasinski's deviantart


Ms. Moon said...

Wait. I think that's a picture of me and Glen every morning.

downtown guy said...

Dad's totally a superhero.

honeyluna said...

I just clicked on that link, and I think I might want to be a superhero. They suggest that a superhero gives blood, and I could totally do that! Next time I donate, I'm going to dress up in a costume! Anyone want to join me?

Ms. Moon said...

Really. That is JUST like me and Glen every morning. Me, crying and in despair because there is a glass of spilt milk, he standing there in his superhero costume, ready to take on the world.

downtown guy said...

Jess: You would be an awesome superhero. May would do it, too.

Mama: You are a different kind of superhero.