September 22, 2009

Grow It Yourself

Doesn't it make you want to grow a garden? I'm telling you, those WPA posters were fucking genius.

Government Propaganda
1941-1943, illustrator Herbert Bayer
from Vintage Printable


Ms. Moon said...

Brian Everhart's granddaddy was an artist for the WPA and did murals and stuff in Key West. It was an amazing program. And sort of...socialist.

downtown guy said...

Whoa, now, we know that socialism only leads to dead puppies and blank eyed, coverall wearing children.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

I'm too damn lazy to grow a garden. Ms. Moon will have to do it for me.

Your comment was funny DTG.

Love you two,


downtown guy said...

Yeah, I get my fresh veggies from the flea market and mom's house.

And you know it's true!

Ms. Moon said...

And soon...eggs! And did I tell you I'm sort of yearning to have a few bee hives? How cool would THAT be? To have honey from our very own plants and flowers and from the swamp back behind the tracks? Ooooh. Talk about your homegrown goodness. Shitfire.

downtown guy said...

Bee hives! Awesome!