September 11, 2009

fotoautomat denudation

I got flashed by a librarian once. It was a lot like this.

from feerieger's flickr stream


Ms. Moon said...

You never told me that! I demand to hear the story.

honeyluna said...

I wish I had the galls (or should I say gals) to do that. I also wish our photo booths were still real photographs, and not all digitally stupid.

Ms. Moon said...

Honey- Have you noticed DTG's silence concerning my comment.
And by the way, you HAVE the gals. And the gall, too.

downtown guy said...

I just didn't want to bring this one up at work!

It was in Atlanta (natch) in a library at Emory. I guess I looked a little depressed or something? Anyway, the cute librarian looked around, caught my eye and flashed me! It was pretty awesome.