September 1, 2009

Florida Christmas

I sort of want to get a daytime beer buzz with these two. Notice that the gal on the left is wearing a bikini top that matches the hotel.

St. Augustine, Florida
from Ashe-Villain's flickr stream


Ms. Moon said...

It's the Magic Beach Motel! I have seen that place! Lis and I drove up to it at night and it was like driving back in time. Neon galore! Moving, great neon! But Liz Sparks stayed there and said it wasn't that great in the actual rooms.

downtown guy said...

How funny! I just really liked the picture. I should have known you'd recognize it.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Nothing says Christmas like big-haired broads with their titties hanging out. Bring on the eggnog!

downtown guy said...

Make your Christmas travel plans now!