August 26, 2009

People playing miniature golf

Tell me that ain't creepy.

Goofy Golf, Panama City Beach, Florida
from State Library & Archives of Florida


Steph said...

I <3 me some mini golf.

downtown guy said...

This Goofy Golf is still around and particularly good.

gingermagnolia said...

They look like Stepford people.

downtown guy said...

Model day at the Goofy Golf.

Petit fleur said...

I think I may have played this course before!

We had one real similar where I grew up in S FL. It had dinosaurs and a mini tajmahal I think and just weird stuff. I can't speak to the stepford people though!

downtown guy said...

I know I've played that course. The monster at the door scared the poopcrap out of me when I was a kid. (You can't see it in this picture.)