August 27, 2009

"How to murder, how to sell dope!"

I really wish I knew what this was about. The LIFE Magazine photo archive lumps it in with photos related to Chicago Gang Wars in the late 60s or early 70s. The rest of the shots are solemn-faced men or crying women leaning over caskets. But what about these two?

UPDATE: Carl let me know that this is Reverend John Fry. Carl's the man.

Chicago, Illinois
photographer Art Shay
from LIFE Magazine


Ms. Moon said...

His wife just died and now they can get married?

May said...

"I am so high!"
"Me TOO!"

downtown guy said...

Mama: "I just hated that bitch!"

May: that's what I was thinking. "Damn, that was some good shit!"

Petit fleur said...

I think he tried to cop a feel and she grabbed his package in warning!

Srsly, they do look stoned or tripping... it was the 60s-70s...

downtown guy said...

I wish I had some of what they had.

Carl said...

Looks like the Rev. John Fry,9171,941603,00.html


and for more on Art Shay