June 14, 2012

in the moment

This isn't a photo, it's a fucking time capsule.

Clovis, NM
from C Simpson


Verdant Earl said...

I'm pretty sure I had that map of Middle Earth back in the 70's.


Birdie said...

It reminds me of my brother's room. He had made holes behind his posters to stash the drugs he was selling out his bedroom window. It was a lovely time for our family.

Ms. Moon said...

Born to be wild. For sure.

Ms. Moon said...

And I was going to ask who that girl guitar player was but then I realized it was Johnny Winter.

That Hank said...

Mom made me laugh.

Mel said...

I recognized the 70's immediately.

btw dtg, you got an awesome shoutout from sweetjuniper:


He's right, your site is great.

That Hank said...

Wow, thanks! I've been slack about keeping it updated lately, but it's a blast to do.

Sweet Juniper is such an excellent blog, too. I'm honored and flattered.